Domestic Violence is a Worldwide Issue!

May this post be a helping hand.

M.R Wyatt

5/15/20232 min read

photo of baby holding person's fingers
photo of baby holding person's fingers

One thing, above all else. That I hope this website and blog can do above everything else that is written or received. Is the opportunity to help reach any given human being, seeking support or the research to get the help they need. The toll is too great of a number to leave a life in harm's way of another's negative demise.

And if this post can save one life. Save one heart, mind, and soul from entering or leaving a destructive environment or situation. Then this tug in my heart, to put this out there on the world wide web, has been a blessing. I hope it touches your heart and strikes a nerve and sends chills down your spine. To make that call. Read this post and the one I have connected from another post I have written on Medium. Get the help you need and deserve or for that someone you love and cherish dearly.

Statistics of being in a probable case as domestic violence, one in every two seconds, this is happening to somebody in the world. So, no matter how minute or bad it has gotten to be. Mental abuse, as well as physical and sexual can not only harm you in health, mentally, and even as deep as your spiritual being. But it can greatly inflict harm and negative outcomes to small minds and all the ages in between. As well as the elders.

Growing and learning and watching how we treat one another. Leaves a huge impact of what is to come on how well of a life one lives. And how much of a positive or negative impact one is within their communities. Which leads to statewide and even as a nation. It can be filled with struggles of violence, neglect, and or abuse of one or all in a situation. One call to a national hotline or one website filled with resources, can be the information to help a person or family find the help they need.

May this help:

List of helplines in 46 countries - WOMEN AGAINST VIOLENCE EUROPE (

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